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Page history last edited by Brandon Grinslade 14 years, 5 months ago


Brennan "Fists First" Burns


Played by: Brandon Grinslade


AIM: Animechapilot

Yahoo: Drachnus666@yahoo.com


Breed: Homid

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Ahroun

Rank: Cliath


Pure Breed:??

Apparent Age: 21

Notable merits/Flaws:

  • Bad Sight: Brennan wears glasses, often damaged from fighting.

A Character Description:


Brennan is a tall young man of medium build. His features are unmistakably Scottish with deep brown hair and blue eyes. He seems unassuming at first but then his Fianna passion and charisma come through full force and soon he has you smiling, drinking and likely brawling. He dresses fairly averagely, eschewing some of the more openly Garou style choices (no visible Glyphs, no wolves, no silver, etc.)


Still the rage of an Ahroun boils off him.

Character Bio:


Brennan was born to a Fianna Galliard and a Kinfolk from Tennesee, The Galliard spent alot of time away and in his absence his mother fell in love with a Glasswalker from the Seattle area. When His father was away on Sept buisness the Glasswalker took the Kin and her two children, Brennan and his younger brother Padraig and fled to the Pacific Northwest. His early life was spent training to be a good garou kinfolk for the Dies Ultimae, a cult of Glasswalkers who belived in triaining thier kin to fight in the final battle.  His family maintained only limited contact with the local sept and instead trained him and his brother in secret, hoping to avoid the scandal of his step father having taken the family. When he was seventeen he underwent his first change as a result of a training excersize that his stepfather was running him throgh in the Hoh Rainforrest. Soon after he was pulled from Highschool and began attending the few night classes that were taught by local Glasswalkers. It was then that he was presented to the Sept as a cub and his father was informed of his existance.


Brennan's cubhood was particularly difficult because of his temper and he spent weeks recovering from wounds as punishment for his uppity additude. Eventually his biological father found the family on a tip from a local Ragabash and Brennan was put in contact with him. What Brennan found was not a violent drunk, but an extremely mature Athro Galliard. Changed by the experience of loosing his family his father had done everything to find himself and upon meeting his son he saw a chance to make up for lost time. He did all he could to teach the boy how to be a good Garou and after alot of work was able to make Brennan a better werewolf. Now Brennan has left his former home in search of himself and his own story. 

Rumors on the Wind:


  • It's rumored that Brennan's rite of passage involved him punching Fenris in the mouth and offering Stag a hand up.
  • Brennan's younger brother is planning to join the Glasswalkers if he first changes.



Clan Crest and Name in Glyph



Brennan Is a Burns by Name but a Campbell by clan his clan badge is tattooed on his left shoulderblade.


Clan Crest Campbell of Argyll - courtesy of www.scotclans.com

Brennan's Deed Name "Fists First" speaks to his tendancy to solve things with violent action first. His glyph is a combination of the Fianna, War and "First" glyphs. He doesn't actually have the glyph tattooed anywhere but stories that contain him usually bear this glyph.




This playlist is meant to show Brennans essential charcter and each track has a special meaning.





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